Hi, I'm Jack

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I'm Jack, a 15 year old Java developer from Wales, UK. I have been working with Java as a freelancer for several years, and offer minecraft plugins and discord server bots for an affordable price. I have experience in making Discord bots and Minecraft plugins for a range of different servers and purposes.

I began developing in LUA in 2014 before learning other languages. In 2016, I found Java and realised there were many gaming communities looking for reliable and proficient developers that wouldn't break the bank. This is where I started learning the Bukkit / Spigot and Discord API in order to provide my service to the servers. I now have multiple years of experience working as a freelancer for servers with a range of different ideas.

What you can expect from me

I am an active and reliable developer that can fulfil most requests for a bot or plugin both working in a team or alone. You can expect a dedicated, respectful and trustworthy that can finish a project swiftly. Whether you're looking for a custom skyblock plugin, a discord moderation bot, a fully fledged minigame, or just a simple chat plugin, I'm happy to do it. Scroll down to see my previous work, or if you're already convinced you have found the right person, scroll to the bottom to contact me now.



Below are some examples of my past commissions for other clients. Feel free to enquire of other work or to see a demo of the ones you see here. My GitHub is always updated with various other projects that aren't just refined to Minecraft and Discord.


A party plugin allowing player's to join the same game together. Includes integration with discord so player's can have their own voice channel


First plugin I made for a server with a variety of gamemodes. Full KitPvp plugin with GUI menu and different className abilities.

Project Screenshot
Rust WIP Private

Remake of the game Rust by Facepunch Studios. Contains guns, clans, custom crafting, resource piles, radiation zones and more!

Project Screenshot
Custom Hoppers Private

An upgradable hopper system that can suck up items in a region, remote inventory support and can whitelist / blacklist items

Custom Skyblock

Custom SkyBlock for a server that allows islands to be raided like in factions.


Warp GUI Menu for essentials. Sorts warps by most visited, and allows easy access to warps you've created. Also creates a new permission to limit the amount of warps a player can make.


Full paintball minigame, with customisable guns.

Project Screenshot
Economy Private

A full economy plugin with Vault integration and bank notes (requires SQL database)

Project Screenshot
Rainbow Six Siege Discord Bot

Discord bot that shows player statistics for Rainbow Six

HCF Core

Hardcore Factions Core plugin which includes /faction command. Also deals with faction claims and other faction commands.

Project Screenshot
GUIShop Private

A customisable shop GUI with menus


Still not convinced? See what my previous clients have to say about my work.

EmadPlayz Profile
EmadPlayz Profile

"crepppy always got the plugin done, he can code and configure almost any plugin. He is a amazing developer."

EmadPlayz Gaming Club Network

DSyR Profile
DSyR Profile

"Fast, effective, and most of all quality. You want something done the right way? crepppy is your guy."

DSyR PrismarineMC


Want me to develop plugins and discord bots for your server? Have an outstanding question? Don't hesitate to contact me via discord or my email below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Status: Open

Discord is the best way to contact me. I am very active there and will respond as fast as possible. Click here or add crepppy#2758 on discord to talk. Alternatively, you can email me at: [email protected], and I will try my best to reply as soon as I receive the email.